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Seeds fumigation and nuts fumigation

EWS can fumigate your seeds in bulk, bags, big bags, silos, barges and containers. We can also fumigate nuts. Fumigation will eliminate all stock destroying species in all their life stages. EWS can fumigate the following seeds and nuts for you:

  • Almond fumigation
  • Betel nut fumigation
  • Beechnut fumigation
  • Buckwheat fumigation
  • Cashew nut fumigation
  • Chia seeds fumigation
  • Hazel nut fumigation
  • Hemp seed fumigation
  • Linseed fumigation
  • Maize fumigation
  • Macadamia fumigation
  • Melon pip fumigation
  • Mustard seed fumigation
  • Pecan nut fumigation
  • Pine nut fumigation
  • Pumpkin seed fumigation
  • Quinoa fumigation
  • Sesame seed fumigation
  • Walnut fumigation
  • Sunflower seed fumigation

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Weitere Informationen

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