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Tobacco moth fumigation

The tobacco moth (Ephestia elutella) is a small moth that is part of the snout moth family. The tobacco moth lays approximately 100 to 200 eggs on or close to products such as cacao. These eggs are laid in biweekly clusters, after which the larvae feed on the product and produce large silk webs.

The larvae move away from the food to pupate in the packing or storage structure, which takes 10 to 14 days. In total, depending on the temperature, the entire lifespan of the tobacco moth is anywhere between 82 and 206 days.

EWS can fumigate your stored goods that are infested with the tobacco moth. We fumigate tobacco moths in contaminated supplies in the following forms: bulk, bags, big bags, silos, barges and containers. By fumigating them, all stock harming insects in each life stage will be neutralised.

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