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Stock harming insects

Insects reproduce incredibly fast within products kept in stock, causing significant economic damage. Countless individual insect species or other pests are able to deteriorate stored products. Substances they affect include edibles, raw materials for edible goods, but also textile, wood, museum objects and even synthetic materials.

Generally speaking, these pests can be divided into two separate groups: the stored product insects and the stored product moths. Furthermore, various wood destroying species, booklice, and wood destroying organisms such as various fungi and other micro-organisms may also cause significant damage.

As these insects often spend their entire lifecycle within the stored product, classic extermination methods have limited effects. Fumigation has proven to be an ideal solution, as this efficiently exterminates all life stages within the stock. Various industrial fumigants exist, each of which with its own complex technical composition.

As a result, these treatments may only be carried out by certified fumigation experts with professional knowledge about pests, environmental chemistry, toxicology and safety science.

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