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Maritime & Logistics

Pest control is extremely important on board ships. The damage rodents can cause on board ships can have far-reaching consequences. This is why proper control is of utmost importance to guarantee the smooth passage of a ship. This in the accommodation, the empty holds as well as in the transported cargo itself.

Pest control on board ships is crucial to guarantee a safe journey and hygienic conditions on board. The EWS specialists know the critical points and can act fast and efficiently against, for instance, cockroaches or bed bugs. In each seaport of Belgium and the Netherlands EWS can act within 24 hours. We can also offer this service in Barcelona and several other European ports.

Cargo harming insects can seriously damage grain or other agricultural products. Fumigation with phosphine gas is a recommended and generally accepted method for the curative treatment of these goods. EWS can carry out this fumigation in all types of vessels: lighters, sea-going vessels or tug-pushed lighters.

Sea-going vessels often require in-transit fumigation. This means that the cargo is fumigated in the loading port before shipment. In transit fumigation requires an international approach, as making the area to be fumigated gas-tight and the fumigation itself are carried out in the port where the goods are loaded. Ventilation, residue control and gas-free declaration are, however, carried out in the destination port. Due to its international network, EWS can offer you this service in several worldwide ports.

Empty hatches
Prior to loading foodstuffs or agricultural products, shipping companies often demand an inspection and disinfection of the empty hold. This treatment consists of atomisation of these spaces with insecticide. You receive a certificate from EWS after treatment. With this certificate, the shipping company can prove that they did everything in their power to load the goods in an insect-free environment.

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