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The fumigation of various cargo during sea transport (“In-Transit Fumigations”) is a common treatment in the international trade of grain products.
Millions of tons of cargo are fumigated during sea voyage from their country of origin to the final destination.

Gas measurements on board of ships
Fumigation inside the vessel’s hold is often carried out during the voyage.
As the used fumigants are highly toxic gasses, gas control must be done to ensure safe working conditions at the port of discharge.
A gas-free certificate must be present before discharge can start.

EWS is specialized in these gas measurements. Our experienced fumigation experts can do these measurements at sea or in the port throughout Europe. After our measurement we issue a gas-free certificate.

EWS is also able to remove fumigant residues in multiple European ports. The ship can continue the journey towards its final destination while being properly ventilated.

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