The EWS Group supplies various specialist services in the framework of Pest Control and Fumigation. The EWS Group consists of six divisions, each with their own specialisation: 

The EWS Group head office is situated in Werkendam, the Netherlands. Apart from the head office in the Netherlands, EWS has several European branches in Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. For more information, click here.


The EWS Group sets high store by corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainable entrepreneurship. We take account of the effects of our operational management on people, planet and society. This process is subject to continuous improvement.

EWS Pest Control and EWS Fauna Management work according to the requirements of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The emphasis lies on preventing any environmental damage when carrying out our work. We therefore aim to reduce the use of biocides and to prevent this if possible.

The EWS Group has been supporting Equal Opportunities Kenya since 2010. This foundation offers street children in Kenya a future by offering them shelter, food and an education. They cooperate closely with the local population to provide a contribution to solving this social problem. The foundation currently finances the St. Dorcas children’s home in Nairobi and Child Support Kenya in Mombasa.


EWS Group is an international organization with innovative services for creating a safe working, food and living environment.

We are driven to find the most effective and sustainable solutions for the commercial industry sectors, individuals and government authorities.

We give our customers insight and together we create a specific approach for good health, hygiene and safety.

We challenge our employees to get the best out of themselves. We give everyone the space to continue to develop and grow.

EWS Group adds value and offers security for its employees, customers and stakeholders.
In addition, social engagement is an important pillar in our business operations and we support various charities.


Population growth, the world economy and ecological changes will impact our working and living environment.

We like to work together with parties that can help us realise our ambitions in the same way we can help them realise theirs.

EWS GROUP has set itself the goal of increasing its current market position with guts, perseverance and proactive entrepreneurship.

In addition, we strive to be a leader in the markets in which we operate.
We provide the best-trained employees and, as an expert in the supply chain, continuously share our knowledge with our clients & partners.

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