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Cockroaches. With over 4,500 species worldwide, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Health and safety risk

But whether the German, Oriental or Brown-banded cockroach, one thing is for sure: an infestation is what you want to stay away from! Especially in the maritime industry aboard sea-going vessels where cockroaches can pose serious health and safety risks for the crew and the electronics.

Sea-going vessels

Unfortunately, it is aboard ships where they find an ideal habitat for growth and survival: water, food, warmth, and numerous potential harbourages is where they thrive. They are often found in the pantry, kitchen and mess rooms where they contaminate food and food preparation areas potentially transmitting pathogens that cause dysentery and diarrhoea. But also, allergies and asthma are well-known health risks triggered by their allergens. Even worse, they lower crew morale. Additionally, they can cause short circuits in control cabinets, computers, digital instruments, etc.

Professional cockroach control

It is thus of vital importance to keep cockroaches at bay. However, the construction characteristics of marine vessels make cockroach control very challenging. Self-inspection is your first line of defence, but once all the signs of their presence are there, you are in need of a professional service.

Quick Response Team in European ports

Did you know that EWS offers service options and contracts in nearly all European ports? What’s more, we have a Quick Response Team to help you deal with either an infestation or specific port requirements. Like that, we’re only a phone call away from a solution!


Want to know how we can be of service to you? Please contact us at +49 176 824 194 67.

Cockroach infestation?

PS: These are some of the tell-tale signs of a cockroach infestation:

* Cockroach droppings – small, black specks that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper.
* Cockroach egg casings – oval-shaped eggs in cabinets or behind furniture.
* Unpleasant odour – in case of a serious infestation, you may smell a strong musty odour.
* Shed skins – usually found close to where they are sheltering.
* Physical cockroach sightings – both living and dead cockroaches are a warning sign.